First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!


First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

This is an idea I’ve had for years, so I will give it a go:

Steel Parade will perform on New Year’s Eve for the winner of this auction!

-Opening bid is only $300
-Performance time is for 3 hours
-Location with in 30 miles of Long Beach, CA….further areas will add nominal additional fuel fees.
-Post your bids below in comments
-Highest bid wins!
-Close of auction is Tuesday, December 30th, 8:00pm.

Go to my Facebook to place your bid.

This should be interesting.

Phil J. Carillo

Deck The Halls!

Season’s Greetings from Steel Parade!

Thank you for following our strange little steel drum band.

Grateful for your presence.



We were hanging out with our longtime friend, producer, and musician Gabe De La Parra from DLP Productions when he decided to pull out his cameras and recording gear for a quick makeshift video session.

Now I know what it’s like to wear a bra.

Don The Beachcomber 12/20/13

We are here for your next party!

Find us on Facebook.

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena 8/31/13

We will make your party fun!

Find us on Facebook.

Playing a party in Lakewood!

here is a quick Video Souvenir of a backyard birthday party in Lakewood, CA.

if you would like Steel Parade to play for your backyard party, let us know.

backyard house parties are always fun!



Playing at the Surf and Sand Resort on the 4th of July!

i mentioned in my previous post that i am several videos behind schedule.  this is a good issue, as it is a reminder that we are fortunate to have a lot of work.  i’ve decided to try a different approach in regards to this video creation.

i will start posting videos of our most current events quickly, and once a week i will post another video of our past events.   i believe in a few weeks, i will be caught up with all of my videos.  yay!

so here is our most current video at the moment.  fun times at the beautiful Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, California.   not too bad of a place to enjoy the 4th.


for booking info, please contact us at :
(562) 989-1060


Filling in last minute at Taco Surf – 2/3/12

every so often we get a last minute call to perform in just a few hours.  this video is one of those last minute calls.

as you can see, we managed to have some fun!

having the ability to be flexible and create a fun atmosphere is something i take pride in……….especially when it is last minute.  we’re not Prima Donnas in this band.  we’re into working, performing, playing, and creating a fun memory for everyone to enjoy.

please let us know if we may be of service to you!


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