About Steel Parade


Steel Parade has been rockin the SoCal area for over 20 years. We perform an average of 140+ shows a year. We’ve performed over 2,500 shows over the past 20 years, and we’re still going strong.

A few random facts about Steel Parade:

Steel Parade performed for the Staples Center Grand Opening Celebration.

All members of Steel Parade are full-time musicians.

Steel Parade was the featured entertainment for the International Wedding Show.

Steel Parade has performed private events for Brad Pitt, Kobe Bryant, Steven Spielberg, Harry Conick Jr., Glenn Close, Keanu Reeves, Magic Johnson, Paul Newman, Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tori Spelling, Forrest Whittaker, Lisa Kudrow, D.J. Quick, Stan Chambers, Jeff Gordan, Melissa Ethridge, Drew Carey, Dudley Moore, etc.

Members of Steel Parade have also performed with many different artists such as Della Reece, Nancy Sinatra, Leif Garrett, O.C. Smith, Neville Brothers, Nick Lachey, Carrie Underwood, Jimmy Hendricks, David Archuleta, Melissa Ethridge, Billy Childs, George Lopez, etc.

Steel Parade performed 258 performances in 1998….whew!

Steel Parade was not invited back to perform at the Orange County Fair because we “make too many people dance”……..true story.

Steel Parade documents each event performed. Simply search “Steel Parade” on YouTube for hundreds of videos from all of our events.

Steel Parade performs Holiday Christmas Music during the Holiday Season.

Phil J. Carillo entered college on a clarinet scholarship.

Steel Parade has performed on the sand, in a tree house, on a flat bed truck, on a balcony, in a hallway, on a roof top, on a sail boat, etc.

Steel Parade has performed for hundreds of Wedding Ceremonies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make people dance, perform quietly when necessary, and our punctuality.

Steel Parade has performed Concerts in the Parks for more than 100 different cities in the Southern California area.

Before forming Steel Parade, Phil J. Carillo performed in over 100 Musical Theater Productions as a percussionist.

Steel Parade performs interactive education shows for schools K-College. We educate students of the history of the steel drum, the music, and the culture. Students take turns playing the steel drum.


For booking info call us at (562)989-1060, or email us at steelparade@steelparade.com

Leave us any comment about the band, the blog, whatevers!


6 thoughts on “About Steel Parade

  1. Sharon

    Hi Guys,

    Tried to send this thru e-mail but it wouldn’t go thru. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful concert at the Brea park Wed. night. Checked out your website also; interested in future performances. Only one seems to be Hurricanes and I don’t know where that is. Give me a hint … city?

    I sat out about at your 10:00 under edge of tree shade in red power chair. I love these and attend two or three a week during summer. Any more in city parks? Wish they’d continue throughout the year, but know rain might cause cancellations. Would think the bands would be happy enough for the work to allow cancellations without payment in case of inclement weather, tho. ????? At least go thru Oct. and start in April?????

    I’d intended to get a CD while you were playing “Mary” but discovered I didn’t have the right change. Will get one next time I see you, tho, for sure. Good price! which I appreciate.

    Thanks again. Hope you don’t disband now that you’ve all graduated (sounds like.)

    (email name is a backwards ‘porky pig’ —- that’s me!)


  2. Paul Krueger

    damn, your page is banging…..no joke…..very very attractive web design and nice pix of events and women etc…
    Who designed your page?

    Listen, I am getting an open day through MAP at the union one day a week and would love to get you to play if you had time ( I know your time is tight) but Azar Lawrence may show up Les Mcfarland on bass…Derek Oles too.. possibly Bill Cunliff on piano too hen i can’t be there….Bob Shepard too if he’s available and jeff diangelo on bass…all have expressed an interest….the subtler more seasoned cats around LA…Larry Kunze…..could be some subtle and interesting playing once a habit gets half way established….i know you are a busy cat….but you and Micheal Daignow were the only thing i remember about those south may mid day get togethers…..this Map Union thing would be once a week, rotating cats…better ones….more exploratory.

    More “Blue And Green” than” Blue Bossa” but still swinging fucking hard and opportunities to really stretch explore and grow without pressure…If we can get room 6, will bring little mbox and just keep the red light on for the whole 2:30 hours record everything and sort out the good parts later…I got the OK from Sireen at the union for starting this in the next few weeks….
    Plus, any way i can be of any use to you let me know…

    Call me if you need me or if i can give your overworked school people a break….also, I just would like to take a day and check out the campus…preferably when you got something going on if that’s possible and comfortable for you….
    Miss playing jams….looking forward to this MAP union thing….
    lets talk soon.


  3. anonyjw

    Hey… have you guys ever been to Trinidad and Tobago, the land of the steelpan?

    ~i have never been to Trinidad and Tobago. someday soon, im sure. over the years, ive been fortunate enough to have Trinidad come to me. ive had many Trinidadians stay with me here in sunny SoCal. in fact, the President of Trinbago, Patrick Arnold, lived at my place for 6 months while visiting The States. fun stuff!

    Who taught you to play?

    ~i learned how to play on a small remote island in the Pacific known as California State University of Long Beach. i was a student of Dr. Michael Carney, and performed in his band Pandemonium for a while. since then, i have worked and learned from various Panmen such as Ray Hollman, Dr. Eugene Novoteny, and Patrick Arnold. i have much respect and gratitude for all of the Panmen who have shared their expertise with me.

    That’s a story that’ll be interesting to hear.

    ~dont know how interesting that story is, but please lemme know if i may answer any other questions.




  4. Rob Ferrell

    Hey guys! I saw you play tonight at Taco Surf for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it! I play in a band called Party Jones that plays at Taco Surf as well. We played down the street at Harpoon Harry’s tonight and stopped in for dinner. I was blown away by a number of things: Your musicianship is off the hook. Your volume control and dynamics are outstanding. Your harmonies are bangin’! Keep up the great work!



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