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We’re back!

Our official first gig back

So, we’re back.

Here’s a few seconds from Thursday’s Doctor’s Luncheon at the Los Alamitos Medical Center.

When the pandemic started, our scheduled luncheon was the first gig to postpone. Since then, we have performed only a few times, for very special occasions, by choice. It seems fitting to start back up with the postponed event from over two years ago.

I’ve booked over a dozen gigs for this year. There will surely be more. All in due time.

So yea, we’re back.

Having a celebration? Looking for some live music that will create a fun and happy vibe for your next party?

I know a band.

Send me a message and we will make it fun!

Phil 😎

Filling in last minute at Taco Surf – 2/3/12

every so often we get a last minute call to perform in just a few hours.  this video is one of those last minute calls.

as you can see, we managed to have some fun!

having the ability to be flexible and create a fun atmosphere is something i take pride in……….especially when it is last minute.  we’re not Prima Donnas in this band.  we’re into working, performing, playing, and creating a fun memory for everyone to enjoy.

please let us know if we may be of service to you!


Father’s Day at Taco Surf with Steel Parade!

looks like we will be doing our thing at Taco Surf for Father’s Day this Sunday.

actually, Taco Surf works well for such a celebration.  in my limited observations, i have noticed that many fathers do enjoy tacos, beers, margaritas, and live music.  i’m happy to be of service for such an occasion!  check out this vid from last year’s Father’s Day Celebration at Taco Surf:

we’ll be toasting to all the father’s.  they’ve earned it.  let’s honor Pops with a beer held high!

Taco Surf is located at 16281 Pacific Coast Highway, in Surfside, California.  some people call this area Sunset Beach, but it really is Surfside on one side of the street, and Sunset Beach on the other side.  the event is FREE, and all ages are welcome.  Steel Parade will perform from 4p-7p.

your comments are always encouraged and welcomed!



Hot Dogs and Beer this Sunday, June 10th, 2012!

it’s a strange path as a musician.

we end up performing just about everywhere.  concert halls, private homes, corporate buildings, yachts, rooftops………..you name it, we’ve played there.

so it’s interesting to see where we end up each week.

this week we will play at The Hot Dog Shoppe in Lakewood, CA, which is the city next to our hometown of Long Beach, CA.  we’ve played here twice this year, and it’s been surprisingly fun.  it’s a relaxed setting on the patio with picnic tables an umbrellas.  this setting works well for our style of laid back music.

oh yea, there are hot dogs.  not just regular hot dogs, but well crafted “gourmet hot dogs” of every kind imaginable.  it’s difficult for me to say which hot dog is my favorite, because each dog i have eaten has been delicious.   with close to 100 gourmet hot dogs on the menu, there is surely a dog for each person to enjoy.  which brings me to the next thought…

as strange as this may sound, one of the reasons we agreed to perform here is because of the hot dogs.  there is so much negotiating that can sometimes happen when hiring our band.  location, time of performance, length of performance, number of musicians, reason for performance, budget, etc, are often the make or break reasons for each event.  while i do my best to make everything work for each potential event, there are factors that are more desirable than others.  in this case, gourmet hot dogs are part of the “desirable factors”.  funny.  it was never discussed while we were working out the details to perform here.  it was just understood, with out words.  plain and simple: the band likes to eat hot dogs.

well, most of us do.   Chris the Bass Player is a vegetarian, so he might enjoy the Vegetarian Dog that is offered at The Hot Dog Shoppe.  but Chris the Bass Player is out of town this weekend, so Joe the Percussionist will be Joe the Bass Player for this event (see our previous post on the importance of being versatile).  this means we will enjoy playing our music while eating gourmet hot dogs and drinking ice cold beer on tap.   not too bad of a way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in SoCal.

finally, The Hot Dog Shoppe fits the criteria of “all ages” and not “21 and over only”.  why is this important?  simply put, i like the energy of children in a group setting.  it allows for the audience to be more of a family rather than a club.  as a general rule i attempt to perform at venues that allow for all ages.  it just feels better.  i guess you could say that we are a “family band”, but it goes deeper than that for me.  i’d like to think we are coming from service, and this particular service is to provide a space and atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

it’s not about the band.  it’s about the band serving the community.  you’ll never hear me say “support the band” or “support live music” or any other common catch phrase that our local art nazis proclaim at every turn.  nope.  i’d rather say “join the party!” and “we’re here for you to have fun!”  i’m weird that way.  so be it.

Steel Parade will perform on the patio this Sunday, June 10th, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

The Hot Dog Shoppe is located at 5125 Candlewood, Lakewood, CA.

if you’re looking for something to do, you know where to find us.

as always, i welcome your comments.



Steel Parade in Tustin, CA – 10/9/10

on this day Steel Parade performed for a private backyard birthday party in Aliso Viejo, CA.

this was the second of two gigs for the day.

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Steel Parade plays a Wedding in Long Beach, CA – 10/2/10

taco surf – 12/20/09

on this day we performed at Taco Surf in Surfside, CA.

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for booking info contact us at (562)989-1060 or steelparade@steelparade.com


bixby knolls 6-13-09

today we performed for a 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Long Beach, CA.

new bike

another “day in the life” of Steel Parade.

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san juan capistrano 6-3-09

today we performed for a luau at the San Juan Capistrano Seniors Center.

always happy to be of service to our Senior Community.

crazy avocado

another “day in the life” of Steel Parade.

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