First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!


First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

This is an idea I’ve had for years, so I will give it a go:

Steel Parade will perform on New Year’s Eve for the winner of this auction!

-Opening bid is only $300
-Performance time is for 3 hours
-Location with in 30 miles of Long Beach, CA….further areas will add nominal additional fuel fees.
-Post your bids below in comments
-Highest bid wins!
-Close of auction is Tuesday, December 30th, 8:00pm.

Go to my Facebook to place your bid.

This should be interesting.

Phil J. Carillo

Don The Beachcomber 12/20/13

We are here for your next party!

Find us on Facebook.

Surf and Sand Resort with Steel Parade – 10/23/10

on this day Steel Parade performed on the patio at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA.

just another day in the life of Steel Parade…

are you a Steelhead? visit the Steel Parade Facebook Fan Page!

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