Taco Surf 9/22/13

We’re ready to make your next party a successful event!

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Taco Surf 9/13/13

Happy to play for your next party!

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Playing a party in Lakewood!

here is a quick Video Souvenir of a backyard birthday party in Lakewood, CA.

if you would like Steel Parade to play for your backyard party, let us know.

backyard house parties are always fun!



Party with the Parrotheads at the Mai Tai Bar! 2/11/12

as i sit and write this post, i am 20+ videos behind schedule.  this means there are videos from our recent past that have yet to be created and posted.  why do i create these videos?

1.  it is a journal of my life as a working musician.  no smoke and mirrors, no huge budgets, no slick over produced videos…….just a simple account of each of our performances.

2.  i hope that these vids may be of service to any other future aspiring working musicians, crafters, etc.

i have been a full-time working musician for a little over 20 years.  i’m not super wealthy, nor do i have a trust fund, or rich parents who give me money.  this is what i do to survive.  i sing for my supper.

this lifestyle is not for everyone.  yes, it has been very difficult at times, but it has also been a wonderful way to go through life.  i like to be of service, and i enjoy providing a space and atmosphere for people to relax and celebrate.  it’s my gig.  it’s what it do.

3.  these videos are a good way for us to advertise our services to potential customers.  if you want to know what we do, just watch a few videos.  if you like what you see, cool.  if not, then more power to you!

my notes on this video:

1.  pho is delicious!

2.  Shiborigirl makes an appearance, joining us for a bowl of pho.

3.  this is our first time performing at the Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach, California.  fun place with a relaxed island vibe.

4.  Parrotheads are always fun people to party with!

5.  in this video, i hold the video camera with my left hand while i play steel drum with my right hand.  they didn’t teach me this technique in music school.

we like to read your comments!




Filling in last minute at Taco Surf – 2/3/12

every so often we get a last minute call to perform in just a few hours.  this video is one of those last minute calls.

as you can see, we managed to have some fun!

having the ability to be flexible and create a fun atmosphere is something i take pride in……….especially when it is last minute.  we’re not Prima Donnas in this band.  we’re into working, performing, playing, and creating a fun memory for everyone to enjoy.

please let us know if we may be of service to you!


Secret Hidden Gig Cam for October 2010

quick 10 second video clips from each of our events for October 2010. all video was created by the “Secret Hidden Gig Cam”.

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Steel Parade in Tustin, CA – 10/9/10

on this day Steel Parade performed for a private backyard birthday party in Aliso Viejo, CA.

this was the second of two gigs for the day.

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Steel Parade performs for a Wedding in Carpenteria, CA – 10/3/10

are you a Steelhead? visit the Steel Parade Facebook Fan Page!

Steel Parade plays a Wedding in Long Beach, CA – 10/2/10

taco surf – 12/20/09

on this day we performed at Taco Surf in Surfside, CA.

download our music at

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for booking info contact us at (562)989-1060 or steelparade@steelparade.com


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