“We Are Stronger” – Lyrics

Party with the Parrotheads at the Mai Tai Bar! 2/11/12

as i sit and write this post, i am 20+ videos behind schedule.  this means there are videos from our recent past that have yet to be created and posted.  why do i create these videos?

1.  it is a journal of my life as a working musician.  no smoke and mirrors, no huge budgets, no slick over produced videos…….just a simple account of each of our performances.

2.  i hope that these vids may be of service to any other future aspiring working musicians, crafters, etc.

i have been a full-time working musician for a little over 20 years.  i’m not super wealthy, nor do i have a trust fund, or rich parents who give me money.  this is what i do to survive.  i sing for my supper.

this lifestyle is not for everyone.  yes, it has been very difficult at times, but it has also been a wonderful way to go through life.  i like to be of service, and i enjoy providing a space and atmosphere for people to relax and celebrate.  it’s my gig.  it’s what it do.

3.  these videos are a good way for us to advertise our services to potential customers.  if you want to know what we do, just watch a few videos.  if you like what you see, cool.  if not, then more power to you!

my notes on this video:

1.  pho is delicious!

2.  Shiborigirl makes an appearance, joining us for a bowl of pho.

3.  this is our first time performing at the Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach, California.  fun place with a relaxed island vibe.

4.  Parrotheads are always fun people to party with!

5.  in this video, i hold the video camera with my left hand while i play steel drum with my right hand.  they didn’t teach me this technique in music school.

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