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catalina 7/12/08

this weekend we performed for a private surprise party on Catalina Island.

the surprised Birthday Girl and Phil

today’s “view from the pan”

fun weekend on beautiful Catalina Island!

riverside 6/22/08

today we performed for a backyard birthday party in Riverside, CA.

it was super hot!
over 100 degrees.
we stayed cool.

hurricanes 6/9/08

a few pics from our performance tonight at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.

happy gabe

rick the drummer



these girls came up and played a little steel drum.

these dudes played the steel drum too.


the DJ came up and played the pan.

another fun night in HB!

riverside festival of lights 12/16/07

today we performed for the Riverside Festival of Lights, in Riverside, CA.

we performed
happy people danced
just another fun night in Downtown Riverside!

Gavin and Mandy of Plantation Productions did an excellent job with sound, stage, and lighting.

many thanx to Eilyn Aviles of the City of Riverside Cultural Affairs Division for allowing us to be of service to the community.

riverside 11/24/07

today we performed for the City of Riverside Farmers Market.

it was super windy. the vendors were holding on to their canopies, and everything not bolted down was blowing away. i had to hold on to my steel drum stand so that it wouldnt fly away.

my thanks to the City of Riverside for paying for entertainment for their events. Riverside has always been good to us. we are grateful!

Chris Roy on bass, chillaxin under the shady tree.

Gabe De La Parra on the small “utility drum set”. the other kit was already set up for Max’s Junior Recital for later that day.
if you look very closely, you can see a clown dancing on my steel drum!