Laguna Hills Community Center 6/25/14

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Los Angeles River 5/17/08

today we performed for the Friends of the Los Angeles River L.A. River Clean Up in Long Beach, CA.

Mayor Bob Foster, Gabe De La Parra, Lewis MacAdams.

Mayor Bob Foster showed up and did a lot more than take photos. we watched him get down on his knees to pick up trash in the hot sun. when the day was through, he was soaking in sweat, and he seemed happy.

Lewis MacAdams is the founder of F.O.L.A.R, and he participated and supervised the event as well.

volunteers picked up trash along the river.

this book, “Rio L.A.”, was passed around at the event. it’s an interesting read, with tales and folklore of the long rich history of the Los Angeles River.

these volunteers showed up and helped with the clean up, and played a little steel drum when the event was over.

volunteers had to rapel down and up the L.A. River walls.

when i was a kid, i spent many days playing along the L.A River. i was happy to participate in this event, and hopefully give back to a river that has given me so many happy memories.

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