Secret Hidden Gig Cam for October 2010

quick 10 second video clips from each of our events for October 2010. all video was created by the “Secret Hidden Gig Cam”.

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taco surf – 12/20/09

on this day we performed at Taco Surf in Surfside, CA.

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bixby knolls 6-13-09

today we performed for a 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Long Beach, CA.

new bike

another “day in the life” of Steel Parade.

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hurricanes 8/3/08

today we performed at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.

Phil hanging outside on Main St. during a break

Gabe, Max, and Chris hanging out during the break. it gets super crowded at Hurricanes, and the band likes to chill outside to check out the sights and sounds of Main St. if youve been here, you know what i mean.

dana point 7/6/08

today we performed for the Dana Point Summer Concert Series in Dana Point, CA.

hurricanes 6/29/08

today we performed at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.

the band checkin out all the sights and sounds of Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA.

the “view from the pan”

super crowded.
lots of dancin.

irvine 6/21/08

today we played a private backyard summer party in Irvine, CA.

chris on bass

gabe on the gigpig

phil on the steel drum and vocals

a little summer party by the lake

the Stonefire Grill van

great food by Stonefire Grill!

if there is one thing i would like to express about our band, is that we eat very well at our events. almost everywhere we go, our parties are catered by all types of great restaurants. this is definitely one of our favorite perks of living a life as a full-time musician. at this party, Stonefire Grill kept everyone happy with a great summer buffet.

you never know when a limbo contest may appear!

just another fun summer night in SoCal…

hurricanes 6/9/08

a few pics from our performance tonight at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.

happy gabe

rick the drummer



these girls came up and played a little steel drum.

these dudes played the steel drum too.


the DJ came up and played the pan.

another fun night in HB!

hurricanes 6/2/08

a few random pics from tonights performance at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.

max on percussion

rick the drummer

gabe on bass

dj shaggy

rick, marty’s bro, and marty.
marty stopped by with his bro from Colorado. marty used to play bass in Steel Parade for a few years, and he has the battle scars to prove it.

me and a beer.
although im smiling in this photo, one sip of this Hefeweizen Bier and it was all i could handle. i dont like the taste of this beer, and have since moved on to Fat Tire. im learning.

hurricanes memorial day 08

today was Memorial Day, and we performed at our weekly hang at Hurricanes Bar and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA.
here are a few random photos:

rick the drummer, max the percussionist

gabe on the bass and vocals

these photos are difficult to take. theres a bunch of people dancing in front of me, the band is playing, and i grab a camera and shoot a photo of me in between singing and playing. its always funny to me when i finally see the end result.

tonights “view from the pan”.

on to next week!

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