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Published on December 12, 2006 at 1:39 am  Comments (17)  

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  1. What up Phil!!!!!!!!!! I totally miss you! I hope all is going well for you and that hopefully sometime soon we can catch up! I will try to make it to one of your gigs soon too.

    Peace in Greece!

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  2. that comment above was from me by the way… Melina

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  3. HI Phil and boys! I’m so happy to see that you are still going strong and rockin’ out!!! It has been a while since we have met, but the kindness and friendship still prevail! Peace and love to you all!!

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  4. Hey Guys!!
    Oh my gosh, I’m loving my wedding on your website!! You were so rockin’ that people still talk about how much fun they had!!
    I miss you guys, and hope to be able to come groove with you soon!

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  5. Aloha Phil!!

    Just wanted to let you know how much you rock my world!! Thanks for everything; especially the inspiration!!

    Love and aloha, In the Spirit of Music, Natalie YellowSun

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  6. Hey Phil, it was great to see your website and hear about you and the band. Was just talking with an old friend about our wedding (almost 9 years ago!!!!) and what a blast it was: dancing bare foot in my wedding dress to the old Steel Parade, in the sun while drinking a beer…..Awesome memories!!! Keep in touch old friend…(FYI, Vance turning 4 soon).

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  7. Where will you be in the South Bay during December ’08 so I can reconnect? The new ‘site was easily surfed! Peace and good waves to you all! JO

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  8. Hey Darlin’!!! I miss you guys so much!! I was looking at my wedding photos the other day. That’s the last time I’ve seen you play! 2005 is WAY TOO LONG!!!!

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  9. You did our Fullerton party on 4/10/10. Just want to thank you guys for making it such a fun event. The music was absolutely rockin’ and you guys were all so personable. Thank you for making a fun day absolutely great! Look forward to seeing you again soon!

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  10. Very great information thank you kindly
    Kathy Miller

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  11. Steel Parade is fun!

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  12. Hi Phil 🙂 my name is Gina. My friend inviited me over to Magnolia Village in Riverside CA for the Pirates of the Carribean this past Thursday and everything turned out great! You guys are sooooo awesome!! I had sooo much fun dancing to the music of The Steel Parade Band. You have such a wonderful voice and you are a very handsome guy 🙂 My friend Eloise’s grandson and his little friend Jason admired you guys. Singing Happy Birthday to little Jason was sooo special 🙂 You bring out the Party Animal in All of us !! Hope to see you around in Riverside soon. ~Gina Martinez~

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  13. Hi.
    My name is Ben Varnam and I live in England near London. I love your sound, and I am a huge fan. I am doing a lot of jazz gigs locally, and I noticed your drummer uses a Gigpig sometimes. In one video I saw, he had a Gigpig but with a larger snare drum than normal, and I was wondering did you make the adjustment yourself, or did you ask the company for a special product? Thank you very much, and if you could send me an email via that would be much appreciated.

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    • hey Ben,

      yes, we used a Pearl piccolo snare as a replacement for the GigPig snare. we felt the GigPig snare was not sensitive enough, as the snare wires are way down on the bottom of the GigPig box. we also removed the small toms on the GigPig surface and opted to use the attached toms which hang off the side of the GigPig. as you can see, we modified it for our needs. works well, although i do wish the GigPig frame/box was and inch or so smaller in each dimension. please lemme know if there are any questions i may answer for you. thanx, Phil


  14. Hi Phil, Steelparade at Taco Surf, Surfside, w/o April 21 – 27, 2018?
    Hope all going well!
    Pat O K ~ SA ‘51

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    • Hi Pat!

      We are at Taco Surf on Friday, April 13th.

      I hope all is well!



    • Hello Pat! All is well. Miss seeing you!


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