“We Are Stronger” – Lyrics

Steel Parade plays a Wedding in Long Beach, CA – 10/2/10

Kevin and Jenn Majdi 5/20/07

last sunday, we performed in south pasadena for the wedding of Kevin and Jenn Majdi.

the happy couple

steel parade

auntie naomi was the wedding coordinator, and she did all the work with a smile.


kevin kearney and ashley rodriguez performed.


me and “mama”

the reception celebration was at mamas house. she was a very warm and gracious hostess.

Romeo and Amy 5/19/07

last saturday, we performed at seven degrees in laguna beach for the wedding of Romeo and Amy Tajanlangit.

The Newlyweds

we played during the cocktail celebration, up above the waterfalls. it was a beautiful setting.

chris on bass, gabe on djembe, and joe perry played percussion. mike “smurf” murphy, who was a guest at the wedding, sat in on congas.

my nephew canon was a ring bearer, and his daddy david was the best man.

my father holding his new baby niece, ciel azul carillo.

my mother, my sister, my bother mike and brother david were guests for this wedding celebration.

knyght ryder played…

and everyone danced!


i was the MC for the evening, and i wore a traditional barong. this was my first time wearing one. a few years ago i asked my father why we never wore barongs growing up, and he told me he never really liked the way they looked. for me, it was fun to wear something that honored my filipino ethnicity.

as you can tell, this was a family wedding. Romeo has been an extended brother to me since high school. Amy is now my sister. i look forward to posting photos of their babies in the future…

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