My Online Stuff, My Linktree

Hi! It’s been awhile, I know.This pandemic has been a challenge.I don’t have to tell you. I am fine.Fortunate.Grateful.I trust you are somehow managing to find and sustain your balance. Since I’ve been home a lot, I’ve had a chance to work on recordings and other new projects.It’s been good. If you’d like to seeContinue reading “My Online Stuff, My Linktree”

“Waiting There for You and Me”

  My thanks to the people who contributed to this first GoFundMe campaign, “Let’s Record A Song!” I hope this song adds a little smile to your day. 😎 If you would like a free copy of this song, please email me at: My PayPal Tip Jar: My Venmo Tip Jar: ThankContinue reading ““Waiting There for You and Me””

Los Alamitos Medical Center

We performed for “Doctor’s Day” at the Los Alamitos Medical Center. We performed in a corner, very quietly. Many bands don’t like to play quietly, but we do.  We’re weird that way. Providing live music for luncheons and other business settings is one of the many things we do. It’s good to be of service!Continue reading “Los Alamitos Medical Center”