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About steelparade

I am a full time singer and steel drummer in SoCal. I sing, drum, surf, and have fun!

Dancing Doggy

Here’s a video of a woman dancing with her doggy, while I shoot video with one hand, and play steel drum with my other hand, at today’s Father’s Day Celebration at Atria Retirement Community in Newport Beach.


Long Beach Museum of Art Wedding

Today we performed for a wedding at the Long Beach Museum of Art. It seems like I have performed here my entire life, but it’s been a while. This particular wedding was postponed twice due to the pandemic. We had a fun time and I will share more vids from this event a bit later.

Have you visited the Long Beach Museum of Art?

We’re back!

Our official first gig back

So, we’re back.

Here’s a few seconds from Thursday’s Doctor’s Luncheon at the Los Alamitos Medical Center.

When the pandemic started, our scheduled luncheon was the first gig to postpone. Since then, we have performed only a few times, for very special occasions, by choice. It seems fitting to start back up with the postponed event from over two years ago.

I’ve booked over a dozen gigs for this year. There will surely be more. All in due time.

So yea, we’re back.

Having a celebration? Looking for some live music that will create a fun and happy vibe for your next party?

I know a band.

Send me a message and we will make it fun!

Phil 😎

My Online Stuff, My Linktree


It’s been awhile, I know.
This pandemic has been a challenge.
I don’t have to tell you.

I am fine.
I trust you are somehow managing to find and sustain your balance.

Since I’ve been home a lot, I’ve had a chance to work on recordings and other new projects.
It’s been good.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been doing, check out my Linktree.

You can see what’s been happening, and also stay up to date with my latest events.

Feel free to say “Hi!”

It’s always good to hear from you.