Want to make your guests feel like they have been magically transported to a tropical paradise?

Couple the soul soothing tropical island getaway music of Steel Parade with the scrumptious food of Pizzarageous Pizza, and you have a winning combination for a perfect party.

Pizzarageous offers a variety of Pizza Menu options for a wide range of tastes and budgets.  Check out the Pizzarageous Pizza Bar.

Pizzarageous mobile pizza ovens provide all the baking on site. This is a can’t miss guest favorite—serving hot and fresh customized six’s inch pizzas baked to perfection. Toss in Antipasti Skewers along with a Watermelon Arugula Salad, and you’ve got an incredibly delicious Pizza Party for your guests!

Pizzarageous will take care of your guests and everything food related from setup, prep, making, baking, replenishing AND cleanup.

Schedule Steel Parade, Island Party Music for your next special event—along with Pizzarageous to make your wonderful event even more magical.


Published by steelparade

I am a full time singer and steel drummer in SoCal. I sing, drum, surf, and have fun!

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