60 Seconds of Zen

“60 Seconds of Zen”

The name of this wonderful mobile created by artist Root Wood is “Nebula in Orange and Red”.

I have this mobile hanging in the window of the upstairs bedroom. It amazes me how much joy I experience from observing the movements of Nebula. There is a continual rhythm and pulse, a dance in the wind. I enjoy the kinetic flow of it all, the balance. I find it calming and relaxing.

Artist Root Wood is a warm and friendly person who was happy to answer all of my questions in regards to the creation of his mobiles. I happily purchased Nebula, knowing I will return to purchase another mobile soon. I wanted to “play” with Nebula for awhile, as I have placed it in various locations around the house. I enjoy the dynamics of each placement. It’s like an ever revealing story. I enjoy the process.

Root Wood is currently presenting his creations at The Art A Fair in Laguna Beach, California. Feel free to stop by to say “Hello!”, and to view his mobiles on display. They are wonderful!

To view more of Root’s mobiles, sculptures, and paintings, click this link:


Root’s contact information:



To learn more about the Art A Fair, click this link:


Thank you for enjoying this “60 Seconds of Zen” with me!



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I am a full time singer and steel drummer in SoCal. I sing, drum, surf, and have fun!

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