“One To The Two” – 1/22/15

Steel Drum Vids to make you smile 🙂

“One To The Two” is video #3 in our new ongoing weekly steel drum video series.

Just another jam in the studio.
We often create grooves in a minute, and jam them out for awhile.
This one came to us after eating homemade pickled jalapenos.
I guess you could call it “Divine Inspiration”, but I wouldn’t.

If this video resonates with you, feel free to share it with your friends.
I believe the good things we share does make a difference in our lives.

Joe on bass.
Max on kit, tracking, mixing, and editing.
Me on pan.

Thanx for watching!

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I Know I Dunno – 1/15/15

Video #2

Max on djembe and U Bass.
Phil on drum set and pan.

Max did all the mixing and editing.

This week we experimented with live video loops, multiple video tracking, and the Premier video editor.

We looped the drum set groove, and layered parts in real time over the groove.
Part of our simple groove approach.
We learned a lot.

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As always, feel free to share this video with your friends.
I believe the good stuff we share with our friends makes a difference in our lives 🙂


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Steel Drum Life – A Weekly Video Series

Check out our new video series called “Steel Drum Life”.

Each Thursday we share a newly created steel drum video.

Your comments are wanted and welcome!


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