Tomorrow at Cirivello’s……Hooray for last minute gigs!

four days ago i posted on my Facebook how both of our gigs for the weekend had either been postponed or cancelled.  while this rarely happens, i have come to anticipate a weekend like this once or twice a year.

so here we are just four days later, and we are now booked with 3 events over the next two days.  hooray for Facebook!


we will be performing at Cirivello’s tomorrow night, Saturday, July 7th, 8:30p-11:30p.


4155 Viking Way, Long Beach  CA 90808

Phone: 562-420-2113


21 and over

Drink Specials all night.


Gabe on drums, Joe on bass, and me on steel drum.

If you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday, you know where to find us.



P.S.  I added a “Subscribe” button to this site, so feel free to subscribe to us.  Thanx!


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  1. Right on Phil, We will be coming over to see you for sure.
    Bill & Gloria

    PS. The boys might come too”……..


  2. Reblogged this on Joseph's Blog and commented:
    I’ll be playing bass at a famous Lakewood local’s place: Cirivello’s. Plan on having fun with the entire family. No entry fee. Beer, food, sports and island tunes will be abundant.


  3. Hey where did you get that picture? I think my cousin is it that tall white guy with the baseball hat. He won a hot wings contest few months ago. Later when he was digesting all that hot wing, he realized he was actually the biggest loser.


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