Poolside at the Langham Huntington Hotel

it looks like we will be performing poolside this month at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA.   the Langham is a beautiful hotel with excellent service.  it is a pleasure to be of service to the Langham and all of the guests who enjoy a sunny Summer day by the pool. this isContinue reading “Poolside at the Langham Huntington Hotel”

Tomorrow at Cirivello’s……Hooray for last minute gigs!

four days ago i posted on my Facebook how both of our gigs for the weekend had either been postponed or cancelled.  while this rarely happens, i have come to anticipate a weekend like this once or twice a year. so here we are just four days later, and we are now booked with 3Continue reading “Tomorrow at Cirivello’s……Hooray for last minute gigs!”

Playing at the Surf and Sand Resort on the 4th of July!

i mentioned in my previous post that i am several videos behind schedule.  this is a good issue, as it is a reminder that we are fortunate to have a lot of work.  i’ve decided to try a different approach in regards to this video creation. i will start posting videos of our most currentContinue reading “Playing at the Surf and Sand Resort on the 4th of July!”

Party with the Parrotheads at the Mai Tai Bar! 2/11/12

as i sit and write this post, i am 20+ videos behind schedule.  this means there are videos from our recent past that have yet to be created and posted.  why do i create these videos? 1.  it is a journal of my life as a working musician.  no smoke and mirrors, no huge budgets,Continue reading “Party with the Parrotheads at the Mai Tai Bar! 2/11/12”