st. pius v 9/28/08

today we performed for the St. Pius V Fall Festival in Buena Park, CA.

Phil from the stage

today’s “view from the pan”

Pat Donnelly came up and played some steel drum

the view from the percussion rig

our thanx to Pat Donnelly and his staff for another fun night in Buena Park!

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ole hanson 9/19/08

tonight we performed for the Family Fun Pool Party at the Ole Hanson Beach Club in San Clemente, CA.

Phil on da pan

these girls not only danced, but they also played a little steel drum.

fun night by the beach in San Clemente!

costa mesa 9/14/08

today we performed for the The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association of Costa Mesa family picnic.

Phil on da pan

this little girl jumped on stage and performed a hula.

our thanx to Pool Man Robert for having us perform for this celebration!

surf and sand resort 9/12/08

tonight we performed once again at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA.

we can’t show you any photos of videos of this event…….we were asked not to.
because the company that hired us to perform was part of a “secret competition”, in which sales teams from all over the world were competing for various prizes. since the competition required secrecy for everyone involved, we were asked to be “sneaky” and perform for this super private party.

cool, huh?

our thanx to Michelle Frank and her staff at the Surf and Sand Resort for allowing us to be of service for this event!

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