pine ave 12/28/07

today we performed in front of Rock Bottom Brewery in Long Beach, CA, for the Pine Ave Music Series. homegirl wanted to play drums for her friends, so she did. i was born and raised in the LBC, and we always have much respect for the locals. this group was all good! by the endContinue reading “pine ave 12/28/07”

riverside festival of lights 12/26/07

today we performed for the Festival of Lights in Riverside, CA. it may not look like it, but is was COLD! once again, Gavin and Mandy of Plantation Productions did an excellent job with sound, stage, and lighting. thanx again to Eilyn Aviles of the City of Riverside Cultural Affairs Division for allowing us toContinue reading “riverside festival of lights 12/26/07”

riverside, pine ave 12/22/07

today we performed for the Farmers Market in Riverside, CA. gabe chris wails! santa on pan. later on that day, we performed for the City of Long Beach, CA “Pine Ave Music Series”……in front of Smooth’s Sports Grille. i didnt get any photos of this performance, but it was cold and fun at the sameContinue reading “riverside, pine ave 12/22/07”